GNAT Pro High-Security is designed to support development of applications that can meet the requirements of top Evaluation Assurance Levels (EAL)for stand-alone or within Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) RTOS partitions. It also provides a full Ada support library for lower EAL, run-time libraries that simplify certification for top EAL, an optional SPARK Pro tool set, and a specialized GNAT Pro user interface designed with security-critical applications in mind.

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SPARK Pro provides the foremost language, toolset and design discipline for the engineering of high-assurance software. It combines the renowned SPARK language and verification tools from Altran with the GNAT Programming Studio (GPS) development environment from AdaCore. SPARK Pro prevents, detects and eliminates defects early in the life-cycle as the source code is developed.

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Specialized Tools for Building Applications in Ada


CodePeer assesses a program for potential bugs before it is executed, in effect serving as an automated peer review. Using control-flow, data-flow, and other advanced static analysis techniques, CodePeer detects errors that would otherwise only be found through labor-intensive debugging.

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GNATemulator is an efficient and flexible tool that provides integrated, lightweight target emulation. Learn More »

GNATstack is a software analysis tool that enables Ada/C/C++ software development teams to accurately predict the maximum size of the memory stack required to host an embedded software application. Learn More »

GNATcoverage is a specialized tool that analyzes and reports program coverage. Learn More »

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