The QGen Toolset

QGen is tightly integrated with both the Simulink® environment and AdaCore’s compilation, simulation and structural coverage products


Direct Access

QGen can be invoked directly from the Simulink® environment’s user interface, using both the menu bar item or the contextual menu for a specific Simulink® subsystem. This allows selective code generation and verification for a single subsystem, even when it is included in a wide simulation model.

Error Reports

QGen produces error reports in the form of hyperlinks to the Simulink® model, allowing easy identification and corrections to comply with the modeling standard or to remove bugs from your model.

PIL Testing

QGen is also integrated with AdaCore’s GNATcoverage and GNATemulator tools for seamless back-to-back Processor-In-The-Loop (PIL) testing using a qualifiable processor emulator (GNATemulator) and a qualifiable structural coverage analysis tool (GNATcoverage). GNATcoverage supports structural coverage analysis up to MC/DC without any code instrumentation.