Get live training from some of the foremost experts on the Ada programming language and GNAT Pro technology.

Experience has shown that Ada is an extremely learnable language and that programmers with basic knowledge in other languages can quickly get up to speed with Ada. For programmers who already have some Ada experience, AdaCore offers advanced courses in Ada and GNAT Pro/GPS designed to help developers get the most out of the technology.

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November 14-18, 2016

Public Ada Training in Lexington, MA & Paris France

This course, similar to ‘Ada Fundamentals’, combines live lectures with hands-on lab sessions using the latest AdaCore tools, introduces software developers to the principal features of the Ada language with a special focus on embedded systems. Attendees will learn how to take advantage of Ada's software engineering support, including the contract-based programming features in Ada 2012, to produce reliable and readable code. No previous Ada experience is required.
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Ada Training

Ada Fundamentals

This course provides a full introduction to programming in Ada. It explains Ada’s classic programming features, emphasizing how to construct modular, portable, and reliable systems. It is up to date with the most recent version of the language standard, Ada 2012, but the specific features that are covered may be tailored based on customer requirements. See Course Details »

Ada Training

Ada Advanced Topics

This follow-up course to Ada Fundamentals explains a number of advanced topics that Ada programmers need to be familiar with. It is up to date with the most recent version of the language standard, Ada 2012, but the specific features that are covered may be tailored based on customer requirements. See Course Details »

Tools Training

GNAT Pro Tools

Through lectures and hands-on workshops, this 5-day course shows how to use AdaCore tools for improving overall code quality as well as for testing and debugging. It presents tools such as GNATcheck (style checks / coding standard compliance), GNATmetric (metric measurements), CodePeer (static analysis / vulnerability detection), GCov or GNATcoverage (structural code coverage analysis) and GNATtest (unit testing). It will also show how to make use of the GNAT compiler options and pragmas in order to detect certain kinds of errors early in the development process, and how to take advantage of stack usage data that can be extracted at compile-time. See Course Details »

Tools Training

GNAT Pro with GPS

This course shows advanced usage of GPS, and how to improve productivity by using its most advanced features. It’s composed of three independent days which can either be taken as a part of a GPS course, or separated and combined with other topics. See Course Details »

SPARK Training

Software Engineering with SPARK 2014

A five-day course for programmers, managers, and software assessment/regulation personnel, which presents the principles of high assurance software development and verification using SPARK 2014. The course explains the rationale of SPARK 2014, describes the language and the principles of static code analysis, and shows how to use the SPARK language and the SPARK Pro Toolset both in new projects and in the context of existing (legacy)systems. See Course Details »

Software Safety Certification Training

DO-178B and DO-178C for Software Professionals

This course covers the key concepts behind DO-178B/C avionics certification. It also summarizes the differences between DO-178B and DO-178C, with a particular focus on how to apply the guidance in the Object-Oriented Technologies and Related Techniques supplement (DO-332). One entire day is dedicated to presenting how to best use the Ada language and GNAT Pro tool suite to comply with the certification objectives, again applicable both to DO-178B and DO-178C. See Course Details »

Partner Courses

AdaCore also offers courses in conjunction with our strategic partner Wind River, covering the use of GNAT Pro on a number of Wind River platforms including VxWorks 653, VxWorks Cert, and VxWorks General Purpose Platform (GPP). Please contact for further information.

On-site Consulting

Need help on-site? For projects requiring very high priority support or specialized expertise AdaCore offers custom support and development services. On-site consulting »