GNAT Pro with GPS

3 Day Course

This course shows advanced usage of GPS, and how to improve productivity by using its most advanced features. It’s composed of three independent days which can either be taken as a part of a GPS course, or separated and combined with other topics.

Target Audience
Developers interested in learning how to use GNAT Pro and GPS.

Course Duration
3 days, including (and possibly mixed with others)

Advanced GPS usage for edition and debug – 1 day

  • Edition features
  • Advanced navigation
  • Documentation generation
  • Code completion
  • Integrated Debugger
  • Integrated builder
  • Remote programming

GNAT toolchain and Project Management – 1 day

  • Understanding the GNAT toolchain
  • GNAT options and pragmas
  • Advanced setup of GNAT Project files
  • Scenario configuration
  • Usage of gnatmake and gprbuild

GPS customization – 1 day

  • Python basics
  • Existing GPS plugin
  • Extending GPS via XML
  • Extending GPS via Python
  • Driving GPS from the command line